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Practicing Safe Tai Chi for Seniors

Seniors Tai Chi Chen Style, designed specifically for Seniors and practised seated or standing for fall prevention and arthritis, is recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and supported by the Arthritiis Foundation around the world.

It is 'meditation in motion' and an internal art of mind with the intention and precise command of body improving balance and spatial awareness.

Tai Chi Chen originated approximately 400 years ago in China as part of a developing Martial Arts culture in that country.

Long held as a secret practise it is now practised around the world and in various forms or levels of exercise.

It is characterised by complimentary movements from slow and soft with contrasting fast and hard with explosive power and low stances.

Anyone can learn this program for health and fitness.

Injury Matters talks Tai Chi with qualified Tai Chi Instructor, Anyes

In 2021, Anyes attended a two-day Tai Chi for Arthritis: Falls Prevention Instructor Training at the Albany Leisure Centre, provided by Injury Matters and delivered by Sam Sujatna from Perth Tai Chi Academy.



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Tai Chi Chen Albany     Tai Chi Chen Albany
Tai Chi Chen Albany     Tai Chi Chen Albany

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