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About Twilight Dreams

Twilight Dreams Tai Chi Yoga Pilates Wellness Studio AlbanySince its inception in 2002 Twilight Dreams has tailored its services of Fitness and Health to a wide demographic of great southern people including children, aspiring teens and adults, pregnant and fitness craved mums, surfers seeking better flexibility, and seniors wanting to maintain their form; who find our facility pleasant, non competitive and inspiring.

Quaintly located 4 minutes from Albany CBD, Twilight Dreams is a 120sq metre fully equipped studio with wooden floors, ballet barres, Yoga and Pilates mats, shower, and offers the convenience EFTPOS. It sits within a relaxing surround to promote tranquility with easy access to its location and ample parking.

We encourage new comers with health concerns to approach our instructors and make certain that appropriate measures are undertaken to ensure safety and awareness. For those with specific concern the management offers free one on one meeting if necessary before partaking into a general level class.

Enrolment is a simple form to fill out on the first visit and the fee is a casual rate to start leading to a variety of class passes to suit the new comer's budget and fitness regime.

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Twilight Dreams Wellness Studio

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Mission Statement

To provide health and fitness to our clientele in a friendly and supportive manner, tailoring our instructions to suit the client's need and capabilities.

To ensure reasonable rates, clean facility & equipment within a serene facility conducive to the rewards of well being.

Twilight Dreams

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