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Pilates is a method of exercise that offers a total body conditioning program that enhances quality of life and improves strength, flexibility, stamina and body awareness. It aims to correct posture, muscle imbalances and achieve pelvic stability to reduce the potential risk of back pain and injury.

We offer basic to advanced levels floor-classes comprising the use of fitball, light weights, rings and stretch bands and Ballet Barre. We encourage new comers that might have had previous experience to start up with our beginners class to ensure full comprehension of the methods we teach. Our programs change in style from year to year and evolve in level throughout the year to encourage progress and create stimulation for our clients.

Senior Pilates is offered in a 45 minutes session that is a floorclass taken gently encouraging our seniors to maintain flexibility and core strength in their twilight years.

Corporate and regional CRC throughout the great Southern are available under sub contracting term per term.

One-on-one classes can be arranged where the participants will receive specific instructions to suit their body or injury recovery. They are given a written tailored program to practice at home for a couple of weeks before a review is undertaken to ensure full comprehension and possible upgrade.

Yoga Pilates Dance Classes Timetable
Casual class

Introductory 3 class pass

Card of 5 classes (3 month expiry)
$100 ($20 each)

Card of 10 classes (5 month expiry)
$180 ($18 each)

Card of 20 classes (8 month expiry)
$330 ($16.50 each)

Basic Beginners

Stretch Band, Barre and Floorclass

Intermediate Level

Medicine Ball, Stretch Band, Barre and Floorclass

Say hello to Anyes Icher, your Pilates Instructor

Anyes Icher Pilates Instructor Albany Fully qualified in 2002 - 2004, Anyes is a native French International Instructor and Artist and has many years of experience in teaching Pilates.

In addition to being a ballet/ contemporary dancer and an instructor in YOGA, Anyes was trained by Allan Menezes from the Australasian Pilates Institute in Melbourne, where she became fully qualified from 2002 to 2004 to instruct Pilates from Beginners Level to Advanced.



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