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Wu Tao Dance

Practicing Wu Tao nurtures Grace, Strength and Balance

Wu Tao is a dance form of meditation founded on fundamental wisdom from traditional Chinese medicine.

Developed in Australia by former ballerina Michelle Locke Wu Tao is a series of dances choreographed to music which results in an experience of profound balance and peace. It is natural, organic, innovative and dynamic, and can be practiced by everyone.

There are five core dances based on the elements of nature: Air(Metal), Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.

Practising Wu Tao gently tones the body by balancing the flow of Chi energy (vital energy) through out the meridians and vital organs and strengthens pathways in the brain.

Wu Tao at Twilight Dreams is accompanied by beautiful Western Australian composed music.

For people who love to dance, Wu Tao is the ultimate stress management system and an enjoyable healthy exercise program.

Call Catherine on 0457 379 596 to arrange ex-timetable appointments.


"I have found practising Wu Tao nurtures a feeling of grace and connection with the natural environment."

Meet Catherine De Vos; your Wu Tao Dance Instructor

All movement to the unique and classic Wu Tao music compositions - Open to all


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